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Zugligeti Libegő

The Zugliget Libegő is one of the most interesting sights of the Buda hills. In the meantime, the traveler can admire the panorama of Budapest while he literally feels that he descends from the hilltop to the inner city. The upper section of the Libegő is in the woods of the steep slopes of Mount János, and its lower section passes over the streets and gardens of the Zugliget electric quarter. The lower station of Libegő in Zugliget, near the terminal of the former tram No. 58, is located on the top of the Hármaskút roof connecting János hill to Normafa. The lower station is by bus 158 from Moszkva tér, its upper station can be reached from the Children's Railway János Hill or Virágvölgy station by a short forest walk. Hotel Bobbio is just a 2-km walk away. The chair lift operates throughout the year, during the day. In addition to the summer period, there is a regular break on the days indicated on the timetable page of the website of the Budapest Transport Company.

Address: 1121 Budapest, Zugligeti street 97

Phone: (1) 394 3764



Elizabeth Lookout

The windows of our hotel offer a wonderful view of the Elisabeth Lookout. At the top of János Hill, at the highest point of Budapest - 527 meters above sea level - stands the Elisabeth Lookout Tower built between 1908 and 1910.

From the lookout tower in winter and summer, you have a wonderful view of Budapest and the surrounding settlements. In clear weather, you can see mountain peaks up to 77 km away. Visible throughout the year from 08:00 to 20:00.

A popular excursion to the Erzsébet Lookout from the spacious car park at Normafa can be enjoyed on the cozy, panoramic Buda ridge. About 1 hour of easy walking.

Eco market in Csörsz street

Since 2005, the Hungarian Bioculture Association operates one of the largest bio-markets in Central Europe in the courtyard of the MOM Cultural Center. Guaranteed to buy organic food. From 17 closed shops and approx. 60-70 tents are offered by merchants. The range is extremely wide: mixed vegetables and fruits, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheeses, honey, smoked meat products, jams, drinking juices, germs, imported packaged organic products, handicrafts, books, publications, etc. available. Open every Saturday from 6.30 to 12.00.

Location: Courtyard of MOM Cultural Center

Address: 1124 Budapest, Csörsz street 18.

Operator: Hungarian Bioculture Association.

Kútvölgyi Lady Chapel - place of pilgrimage

The Kútvölgyi Lady Chapel is Budapest XII. in the district of Kútvölgy in the district of Felső Svábhegyi út and Városkút street. In 1990, a larger chapel was built around the original chapel of the Hungarians. A pilgrimage house called "Táborhegy" was built in 1998. The original chapel was built in 1753 in the deep well between the vineyards of Svábhegy and today is called the Maria Fountain. The child of the grape farmer drove down the hillside with a horse-drawn carriage, when the horses caught in the chariot were crumbled and the child fell into the well. The first chapel was built next to the well in honor of the Assisting Virgin Mary Address: 1122 Budapest, Galgóczy Street 45

Gül Baba's Türbé and Rose Garden

Visit to an Islamic pilgrimage site. Gül Baba's turquoise is a Turkish tombstone built in the 16th century on the Rose Hill in Budapest, near the Buda leg of the Margaret Bridge. The only northernmost Islamic sanctuary in the world is the only functioning Islamic pilgrimage site in Christian Europe. The restored rose garden with its colonnade, ornamental wells, many roses. Continuous art exhibitions are shown in the side wings.

It is worth - but at the same time tired - of Turbine to approach the romantic Gül Baby Street. Due to the unique atmosphere of the steep street, it has been the venue for filming several Hungarian and foreign films.

Above the turbe, there is the World Youth Park, where you can enjoy the panorama of the city below us on the benches. If you have the time, you may want to walk around the area, enjoy the quiet and beautiful Buda villas.

The Buda Castle District

Many of the buildings in the Castle District are a major attraction in themselves. These include the Matthias Church; the office of the president of the public office, the Sándor Palace, before which delente is a musical guard; and, of course, the royal palace, which houses national collections and museums.

The winding caves in the stomach of the Castle Hill were dug by the power of water absorbed over the millennia, and as a hiding place, warehouse or escape route. The Budavár labyrinth is dangerous for anyone who does not know the underground city, which is famous for his legends, but everyone can see the leader. The castle can be reached in several ways and in several ways - by foot, by car, by bus or by Sikló. In addition to the sights of the Castle, it houses many events and festivals.

Millenáris and Mammut Shopping Center

In Budapest, in the spider web of shopping centers, there are also cultural centers where both the young and the elderly can make the most of their time and have fun. One of the highest standards on the Buda side of our capital is right next to a giant shopping center, the Millenary complex. Millenáris's huge multifunctional space can meet multiple demands at the same time, besides professional meetings, the leisure space and the playground are well-equipped. Various contemporary exhibitions are regularly associated with cultural programs, providing interactive and playful educational opportunities, and Millenáris is particularly attractive for schools. The program offer can be viewed at the following link:

Bajor Gizi Actress Museum

Gaji Gild and her husband, German German Tibor, opened on May 12, 1952, at the initiative of Gizzi Hilda, on the first anniversary of the Bajor Gizi Theater. In addition to the name given by Mari Jászai and Emília Márkus, the founder of the legacy and memorial room of Giza Bajor raised the museum from the Hungarian theater history with its own memorial rooms.

Address: 1124 Budapest, Stromfeld Aurél street 16.

Telephon: 06 (1) 225 3161

A Pál-Völgyi cseppkő barlang

An outstanding natural attraction of the Buda Hills is the Pálvölgy Cave. The caves opened from the quarry along the Szépvölgyi road in 1902 attracted the attention of the tourists. Today, the cave is known and surveyed for over 13 km. The significance of the new discoveries lies not only in the fact that the Cave of Paul Valley has become the second longest cave in Hungary, but that the foundations found in newly discovered flights, thanks to their great scientific value, contribute to a better understanding of the formation of caves. There are several beautiful hiking trails around the cave. It is especially worth visiting here by car to the top of the Hármashatár Hill (about 10 minutes), with a unique view of the city.

Address: 1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi street 162.

Telephone: 06 (1) 325 9505

Budapest Children's Railway

The railway line runs from Széchenyi Hill to Hűvösvölgy. On the way, it touches Normafa, Csillebérc, János Hill and the Beauty Witch. The Buda Mountains lookout, playgrounds, shrines and other points of interest are close to the stations and stops.

For families on a half or a day trip, school and kindergarten groups, it provides convenient access to the starting point of forest paths. Children and adults interested in rail transport can look closely at vehicles, facilities, and childrens service mates.

Trains run from Tuesday to Sunday throughout the year - from May to August daily. Diesel locomotives, weekly diesel and steam locomotives deliver the assemblies on weekdays. On the most busy spring and autumn weekends, a nostalgia motor train is also launched.